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Working, Working, Working... - 2/26/06

My, oh my, things have been soooo busy around here. I didn't realize how many cool cats were up on MySpace.com, but I've got over 300 friends! I've been working hard making sure that they all know how much I appreciate them adding me as a friend and posting such cute comments.


If you want some cute cat comments for your friends, click here.


You know, I recently got an email from the law firm of Spice, Toby and Bella P.C. (corgi lawyers) suggesting that I might want to seek legal council from them to ensure that I'm receiving fair compensation for all of my hard work. I think they might have a point... Softie has been rationing that cat food lately, and she's using some really lame excuse claiming that the vet said I needed to loose some weight.


I think it was pretty inconsiderate of the vet to make such personal comments in the first place, don't you? Well, I thought about taking the corgis up on their offer, but you know, those canine lawyers can be really nasty once they sink their teeth into something, and I hear they're really only in because they like to be bossy anyhow.


Besides, if I got all caught up in a legal battle over compensation, I wouldn't have time to enjoy lounging in the sun!



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