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Raw Ostrich Meat?!? - 2/19/2006

My sister Daisy & I had quite a day today. Softie went out hunting... it was a balmy 22 degrees Fahrenheit (warmer than it's been in days), so we figured chances were good that she'd bring home a good catch, like some Turkey Dinner or something like that. But NOOOOO... she heard somewhere that raw cat food is better for us, so she brought home raw ostrich meat!?!?


Well, the Daiser & I really weren't sure what to make of it at first. I gave it a taste, so Daisy thought surely I was eating something different.

But it was just a bit too much for even me to stomach, so I gave up after a few bites. What does she thing we are... animals?!? I mean really... raw food? That's downright uncivilized! She kept prattling on about  enzymes and how it was supposed to be so good for us, but I was pretty sure that it was some sort of an evil plot....


But.... after about 30 minutes, when Turkey Dinner was not forthcoming (and with a little coaxing and being allowed to eat in the living room), the Daiser and I decided that it really wasn't that bad after all. But I still hope she finds some Turkey Dinner next time she goes out hunting!



















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